Like all great video game covers, Wizorb's "boxart" features plenty of nasty looking enemies, a castle in the distance, and a menacing evil splayed across the evening sky. I see something like this, and I'm like, "Clearly, this is a game with promise."

Wizorb doesn't need packaging art, considering that developer Jonathan Lavigne will release this 16-bit-esque pinball/RPG hybrid digitally via XBLIG and PC, but if you have an opportunity for Stéphane Boutin (Scott Pilgrim vs The World) to create your cover, why not take it?

In case you never got around to watching it, I've embedded the Wizorb trailer past the post break. You should definitely check it out for its music by Jean Chan, animation by Paul Robertson and Justin Cyr, and code by Jean-Franç ois Major.