When news broke that WayForward was doing a hand-drawn, 2D BloodRayne, many who had previously dismissed the series became interested all of a sudden. Yet given the primarily PG-nature of its offerings, fans also wondered how decidedly "mature" subject matter would be handled. Part two of its development diary, posted by Siliconera, answers this question.

Designer and director Sean Velasco says right out of the gate that the studio wanted something that was slightly more "sophisticated" than what the series is mostly known for. One of the first things tackled was the look of Rayne; after considering some wild directions for the game's lead, everyone eventually agreed upon the philosophy of "less is more". Despite showing less skin, the belief is Rayne is far sexier (and without trying as hard).

Thought put toward appeasing current fans of the series, which WayForward believes it succeed with as well. But for everyone else: "If BloodRayne was maybe a little bit too sleazy for you, this will be something you can bring home and feel okay about."