We've featured The Ben Heck Show a few times already, though his most recent episode deserves attention since it again involves him messing around with the most finicky of game hardware, the Xbox 360. The challenge this time is to create an automatic disc changer for the console, which sounds relatively simply at first. But as you see above, it's a fairly complex affair that fills up much of his almost 20-minute segment. To the point that he doesn't even have enough time to create one of his patented, Frankenstein-ish enclosures!

True, it's not as sexy as a portable Dreamcast, but one can't help but develop a newfound appreciation for what Heck does, to the point that any feelings towards his at times questionable design sensibilities is completely excusable. Though for those who want a bit more, check after the cut for an earlier episode with his most confounding creation yet: adding a screen to the Sega CDX to make it a truly portable machine, but also getting rid of the option to play Genesis games as well? Perhaps it's there and I'm just missing it.