Aliens: Colonial Marines, a presumed-cancelled Nintendo DS game developed by WayForward, has been resurrected, retitled Aliens: Infestation, and is now set to be published by Sega in September.

The video above (which is a must-listen) leaked in 2009, showcasing a Metroid-styled exploration platformer that takes place in the Aliens universe. Players control a squad of marines and use a variety of weaponry featured in the film series, including iconic vehicles like the power loader and armored personnel carrier.

No new details were released in the years since, leading many to believe that the project was either cancelled or a hoax. Sega's announcement and an ESRB content description reveal that the game not only is real, but has been revamped to feature "a male character whose buttocks are briefly exposed." Bonus! Infestation will debut in North America on September 6th.

[via Tiny Cartridge]