It's not uncommon to see an internet meme being borrowed (sometimes shamelessly) to sell some product or service. Remember those Spongmonkeys ads for Quiznos? The latest example sees Ubisoft jumping on the Nyan Cat bandwagon; the above is from a newsletter that the company recently sent to its users.

Here's the thing: aside from the infectiously catchy song, one major reason why Nyan Cat is so beloved is because he/she/it's so darn cute. Whereas Ubi's take is quite terrifying to say the least. The entire thing can be seen via this Reddit thread. Not surprisingly, many are not impressed.

For a while it seemed there might be more to this story, when a few began noting how they had seen the image on DeviantArt previously. But it has since been revealed that Ubisoft asked permission from the artist, which is certainly nice to hear. For those interested, after the cut is a video that details its creation.