[In this weekly column, Gamasutra rounds up the most popular paid and free iPad gaming applications on the U.S. App Store as of today, with Angry Birds Seasons HD, Monopoly for iPad and Racing Penguin, Flying Free currently ranking among the platform's top downloads.]

Rovio's Angry Birds Seasons HD reclaims the top spot in the iPad's paid chart following a recent content-expanding update, leading to a boost in popularity for the core Angry Birds app and spinoff Angry Birds Rio HD.

EA's Monopoly continues to report brisk sales at fourth place, as Fruit Ninja HD and Cut the Rope HD return to the charts after dropping out of the top ten last week.

This week's top paid titles are:

1. Angry Birds Seasons HD ($1.99)
2. Angry Birds HD ($4.99)
3. Angry Birds Rio HD ($2.99)
4. Monopoly for iPad ($9.99)
5. Fruit Ninja HD ($2.99)
6. Cut the Rope HD ($1.99)
7. Battleship for iPad ($2.99)
8. Flight Control HD ($1.99)
9. NBA Jam for iPad ($0.99)
10. UNO HD ($0.99)

Here are this week's top free iPad applications:

1. Racing Penguin, Flying Free
2. USA Basketball HD
3. Mr Giggle HD Lite
4. Cave Bowling
5. Rows 3D for iPad Lite
6. Angry Birds Rio HD Free
7. Rock the Vegas
8. Marathon
9. Tiny Tower HD
10. Evil Dead HD

Arthur Lazarte's Racing Penguin, Flying Free takes top honors in the free charts after premiering at sixth place last week. Former chart champion Mr Giggle HD Lite drops to third place, as newcomer USA Basketball HD claims second place.

A fan-produced port of Bungie's classic FPS Marathon finishes at eighth place in today's rankings, meanwhile, overtaking NimbleBit's popular free-to-play management sim Tiny Tower HD