It is 2011, and we've all come to expect that third-party minigame collections on Wii are, for the most part, junk. So, when Namco Bandai announces a title like Go Vacation, which seems to revisit motion-based activities that other games have explored before.

But watching the game's trailers, it looks like a quality title with the polish of Wii Sports Resort, but with fifty different minigames to check out instead of just a dozen. It also has an open world presentation, allowing you to explore its island/resorts for new activities.

After the break, you can see more of Go Vacation's 50 minigames, including dog sledding, jetskiing, diving (very Endless Ocean-esque!), surfing, rollerblading, and more. Namco Bandai will release the title here this fall -- late considering the summer vacation theme!

[Via @NintenDaan, iamaustrian]