So...what exactly are we looking at here? What you see above is every single PlayStation 2 game released at retail in North America -- a collection pieced together by "Ahans76," who is the subject of an illuminating interview at PlayStation Collecting.

Ahans76 owns every NTSC/U PlayStation 2 game, from .hack to Zone of the Enders, with plenty of Maddens and NCAA Footballs in between. Even more impressive is the fact that every game on the shelves above is still sealed in its original shrinkwrap! Ahans76 also has a number of duplicates for play and trade purposes, so yes, he still finds time to play games during the rare moments when he's not hunting them down for his collection.

The interview includes several high-resolution pictures to inspire awe and jealousy. Other highlights in Ahans76's collection: the rarest U.S.-released TurboGrafx-16 HuCard Magical Chase, a near-complete run of Neo Geo AES games, and the rare "Assassin's Case" prize version of Working Designs' Elemental Gearbolt.

[via Kotaku]