The firefighting game genre seems like an underserved market, so I'm glad to see a game like Station 37 come out. Developed by FrankieSmileShow and The Monster King, it was initially created at the Toronto Game Jam a couple months ago, and received two extra months of extra work.

Station 37 is a 16-bit-style sidescroller in which you guide a firefighter through burning buildings, clearing the way with your axe and extinguisher to reach civilians. I haven't been able to play it myself, as it's a Windows-only game, but I hear there's a pretty crazy twist after you spend a bit of time with it.

It looks like it plays a bit like Human Entertainment's SNES release The Firemen (released in Europe, Australia, and Japan), even though that was a top-down title. Looking up that game, I found out it has a Japan-only sequel; maybe the firefighting genre is only underserved in North America!

[Via TIGSource]