In recent years, we've seen an explosion of flash carts for classic systems, especially since SD cards are easy so easy to use and fairly affordable. YouTube user MN12BIRD, who specializes in classic gaming hardware and software (both the official and not as much variety), has posted yet another comprehensive but still easy to digest review of the Super EverDrive flash cart. Designed for the SNES and produced by Stone Age Gamer, there are three variants to choose from, and MN12BIRD test drives the Ultimate Edition.

Sporting a custom colored cartridge that resembles something officially produced, and is not just an older game's reused enclosure, it fits every version of Nintendo's 16-bit hardware (though it's a bit snug with the SNES 2 apparently). A slot at the top that accepts the SD card rather painlessly, though one main negative of the entire package is how firmware updates cannot be performed by the user. Instead, the cart must be shipped back to Stone Age Gamer, and given how expensive the cart is, it's rather baffling. Coupons are included to cover at least two upgrades, but their shelf life is also rather brief.

Furthermore, only the Ultimate Edition will play DSP-1 games. So if you're into Mode 7 games, you have to hand over $145. Another minor gripe is how only standard SD cards are supported, not the faster SDHC types. Oh, and Super FX games are a no go either, but hardly any flash carts do from my knowledge. Otherwise, it does what it does, and flawlessly. It might be just the thing for someone still has a SNES but also missed out on all of its best games (which now cost a fortune on eBay), plus also wants something authentic plus easy to use experience. Though once again, the thing is rather pricey.