Storing disc-based games has always been a breeze, since they come in standardized cases; options as they pertain to CD/DVD/Blu-ray racks and the like are literally limitless. But those who remember the golden age of gaming, in which games came in cartridges, will fondly recall how tricky it was to keep things organized and accessible. Pretty much the only ones to hit it on the nail were the cases was as it pertained to the cases Mega Drive/Genesis games came in, and even that got screwed up near the end when things shifted towards paper boxes.

Without a doubt, Famicom games are the hardest to manage since they come in so many different shapes, and each is non-symmetrical. It's a problem that has plagued Sean, who runs the Famicomblog, for years, but was finally solved when he came across some ultra cheap-o (just 100 yen) dish drying racks. Along with some skewers obtained at the same Japanese dollar shop, he had himself a very attractive looking storage solution with very little fuss and muss. Even works great with Super Famicom carts too.

[via Albotas]