Paul, an undergrad at Purdue University, is teaching a robot how to play Dance Dance Revolution as part of his summer research project. His efforts began in mid May, or at least that's when the first video blog showed up on YouTube, and the clip above demonstrates the latest milestone: the creation of the dance pad.

Up till this point, the focus had been programming moves for the DARwIn OP, with balance issues being the primary challenge. Hence why the addition of the bar is so significant, since it helps give the robot some much-needed stability. One has to wonder if any thought and even effort was put towards placing it in the back, like in the arcade version of DDR.

There's still a ways to go, likes getting the DARwIn OP to recognize the game as it plays on a display, and then translating the arrows it sees into movement. It also remains to be seen how limber the tiny robot can truly be, given that most human players have both legs moving at most times. And finally, I wonder if a final key element will eventually be incorporated, for a truly authentic experience. And that's to make him profusely sweat.