Gaming has been an influence in the world of graffiti for quite some time now. Yet when was the last time such affection was returned? Only two titles immediately come to mind, Jet Set Radio and Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. Though the latest from developer Playbrains hopes to be number three at least.

The PSN-exclusive (for the time being at least) Sideway: New York is a platformer with fairly conventional mechanics: you run left to right, jump over obstacles, at times swinging via rope, both to avoid and shoot bad guys, even push crates around. But the key difference here is how your character is actually a piece of street art. Meaning, you not only stick to the sides of walls on buildings, but rooftops as well.

It is also assumed (plus somewhat demonstrated in the trailer) that you'll be covering up undesirable graffiti and leaving tags yourself. Not much is known otherwise, other than it's expected sometime later this year.