We've previously detailed how Konami's Hideo Kojima has utilized Twitter to express how bummed out he's been, as well as to answer questions relating to upcoming projects. Most recently, Kojima's been dishing out details as they regard to the also previously mentioned Snatcher revival in the form of a radio drama that's being handled by Suda 51, with some help from Akira Yamaoka.

One intriguing factoid is how the voice cast from Metal Gear Solid will be utilized. The chances of Sdatcher being translated for American audiences was already a billion to one, but if it was to ever happen, the idea of the David Hayter as the lead (assuming his Japanese equivalent, Akio Ootsuka, is also doing the same) would make any Kojima fanboy's head explode. He also revealed that Sdatcher is not just a standalone thing but will be a series of episodes.

It was Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino who asked, also via Twitter, if it's some kind of parody. Kojima's response was that it'll be a "pretty cool" drama that Suda is basing off the Snatcher universe. Hino then offered the chance to do the same, but for Policenauts. Kojima also called Yamaoka a genius, due to clearly being happy with what he's heard thus far, and shared a character illustration from Satoshi Yoshioka, who also worked on the PC-Engine version of Snatcher, which was the one that would later get ported to various systems, like the Mega CD, Sega Saturn, and PSone (seen above).

[via Andriasang]