Silicon Sisters Interactive has launched School 26: Summer of Secrets, a dialog-rich adventure game aimed at teens and preteens. An iPad version is also available.

In predecessor title School 26, players were introduced to Kate, a student whose family has moved across the country 25 times, making it difficult for her to find friends and forge relationships. Summer of Secrets continues the story during an eventful summer vacation.

In both School 26 and its sequel, Silicon Sisters aims to promote positive communication skills in teen and preteen players; in-game problems must be solved by giving appropriate answers to conversation prompts.

"Summer of Secrets is more about being yourself and seeing the impact of your choices," notes Silicon Sisters co-founder Kirsten Forbes. "As you play, the game tracks your decisions and presents you with a personality profile based on your playing style. So while you're helping Kate sort out all of these secrets, you'll also learn something about yourself."