‪YouTube user Gh0stT0ast has created a series called "Sakura's Theme Goes With Nothing" that juxtaposes the signature sound of Ryu's biggest fan with random footage. It's supposed to be ironic, I guess, because as the most recent example above demonstrates, the ultra catchy fight tune goes quite well with a number of things actually.‬

‪His initial experiments, which included Saving Private Ryan and Shawshank Redemption, were decent enough. But it wasn't until Heavy Rain was tapped into that things began to finally take shape. See for yourself after the cut. Hopefully future installments will be just as successful.‬

If lucky, Gh0stT0ast might also one day be near the same level as Docfuture, the reigning crown prince of this yet to be properly coined form of art. Though the hopeful has work cut out for him; no one has yet to come close to reach the perfection that is A Gentleman's Wager:

‪[via Destructoid]‬