Of all the places I'd expect Jason Rohrer to appear, United/Continental Airlines' inflight magazine Hemispheres seems like one of the unlikeliest. Though I suppose profiles for offbeat developers in mainstream magazines aren't unprecedented, what with Esquire's 2008 piece on Rohrer and Elle's recent feature on Jane McGonigal.

The Hemispheres article discusses Rohrer's experimental games (Passage, Gravitation), bohemian lifestyle, and the pit-bulls that terrorize his family on their way to the farmer's market. It also mentions the author's playthrough for Diamond Trust of London, Rohrer's strategy game about "the cutthroat nature of the diamond trade":

"It's my last day in Angola, and so far the trip has been a complete disaster. I’ve secured almost no diamonds for my employers in London, while the dapper Antwerp dealers have been stuffing their coffers.

Finally, a massive cache of black market ice opens up in an eastern province, and in a last-ditch effort to secure it for myself I embark on a complex misdirection campaign, bribing the Dutch prospectors and sending my own on a wild goose chase around the country. Against all odds, it works. When the diamonds go to auction, I bid unopposed.'

'I can’t believe you’re pulling this off,' Jason Rohrer says, looking over my shoulder. He’s been watching me play a game he’s developing called Diamond Trust, biting his lip when I make a bad move and attempting, futilely, to provide pointers as I jab my stylus at the Nintendo DS screen."

Zoo Games will publish Rohrer's Diamond Trust of London -- after rescuing the project when a contract with Majesco fell through -- for Nintendo DS this fall.