Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya, the man who many believe is responsible for the modern indie gaming movement, via his groundbreaking PC freeware hit Cave Story, is now working with iOS. Work on Rockfish began this past February, and since then, he's maintained an online diary, to keep everyone abreast of his project.

He also recently made an appearance at iD√ČAME, which was where Spanish gaming site Gamreactor spoke with him about Cave Story 3D and Rockfish, among other things. Turns out, much is riding on the outcome of his latest title; instead of producing it on the side, which how all his projects thus far have come about, Amaya has dived head first into full-time game development. Something that, again, his work have inspired countless others to do so already...

"I stopped being an employee of an ordinary in March this year. I decided to dedicate myself to making games that month. Since then I am making a game for iPhone. The outcome of this game will decide my future. I would like to dedicate 100% to the creation of video games and live it, but who knows what will happen once the current one."

Reaction to him dabbling with iOS has been mixed at best. Though if the aim is get his game out there in as many players' hands out there as possible, the iPhone is definitely an excellent platform of choice.