I had forgotten all about Retro/Grade and thought I might have missed its release a few months ago, but no, 24 Caret Games is still working on the innovative shoot'em-up/rhythm game hybrid, and it's still coming to PlayStation Network soon -- and it still looks filled with more action than I can imagine.

For those who've somehow missed the previous times I talked about the 2009 Independent Games Festival award finalist, you play Retro/Grade like a horizontal-scrolling shoot'em up in reverse, moving your ship with either a standard or guitar controller to dodge and shoot bullets from the past.

If that sounds complicated, just watch the new gameplay trailer above for the concept. If you don't get your ship in position in time to catch a shot, or if you get hit by a bullet you were supposed to dodge, you take damage for disupting the timeline. Oh, and you can re-reverse time to correct mistakes.