The HD upgrades to Capcom's classic Resident Evil titles, 4 and Code Veronica, will be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace this September -- September 20th for RE4, and September 27th for CV.

What is fascinating however is where they're being released -- not on the Xbox Live Arcade, but instead Games On Demand. Both games actually have 12 achievements each, much like Xbox Live Arcade titles, but instead of totaling up to 200 Gamerscore, they boost up to 1,000GS, just like a retail title would, and have been confirmed for the On Demand service.

Based on the achievement list this was clearly going for an XBLA release, so what happened? Well the XBLA has an unfortunately file size limit of 2GB, mistakenly done back when the Xbox Live Arcade had silly limits like 50 Megabytes for a game. A game like RE4 would likely require more than that, otherwise it just won't fit under the restrictions. Games On Demand content does file types differently, allowing for a larger file size.

This could actually mean a lot for some developers -- as it appears that Microsoft have become slightly more lenient to Games On Demand content. Last year Ubisoft revealed that the original Prince of Persia trilogy was getting itself a HD remake collection -- but only for the PlayStation Network. With each of their releases it was revealed that the games were over 2GB in size, so a release on XBLA was practically impossible. JustAddWater also had this issue with the upcoming Stranger's Wrath HD remake, currently making its way to just the PlayStation Network.

This could mean a lot for the Xbox 360 Marketplace -- games like Stranger's Wrath now have the chance to come to Games On Demand instead of XBLA, and could allow for the glutton of retail remakes (such as Beyond Good & Evil HD) to appear elsewhere and allow for more unique content on the XBLA. We could see the upcoming Splinter Cell HD, Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill remakes surface here.

I do have one worry though -- price. XBLA titles haven't been above 1200MSP, or $15USD, for a good long while. Games On Demand however are another story -- they've never been less than $19.99USD. In fact, there has never been a weekly deal for an On Demand title! What are the chances that these two will still get a price tag of $14.99? On Demand titles are also sold for "real money" first, Microsoft Points second, so we could see countries like Australia getting a horribly overpriced deal compared to the rest of the world.

Still, I'm very interested to see how this pans out. Could mean a lot for the Xbox Marketplace.