I have to admit, I don't understand what the player's attempting to achieve in a lot of the puzzles in this gameplay demonstration, but it certainly looks interesting, maybe even innovative.

Recall is a first-person puzzle/platformer from Seoul-based indie developer Jaewoo Jeon. The gimmick here is you can "record everything", then manipulate time to solve different obstacles. Jeon explains:

"Sometime I wish life was like a VCR, so I could rewind and replay good memories. I'm inspired by many movies like Deja Vu, Butterfly Effect, and Source Code. have tried to combine Memory (abstract concept) and VCR (specific concept) in game design.

Players can record space-time, which is player's sight, then ... rewind and fastforward space-time to solve the puzzles. The game's narrative is about a journey to find out his lost memories."

Don't expect to play this until 2012, though. You can watch another trailer for Recall past the break: