Because indie shoot'em up always deserve more attention, here's one you might have missed last month: Boss Baddie's Really Big Sky, a horizontal-scrolling, twin-stick shmup and a follow-up to last year's Big Sky, for Windows.

Really Big Sky procedurally generates everything based on how you play the game, including attack patterns, enemy/boss strength, pacing between waves, frequency of bonuses, and more. The difficulty will also depending on whether you have up to three friends join you, too.

The game features seven modes in all, 15 different enemies, three dynamic bosses, 15 powerups, a "Perk System", 20 achievements, a stat recording system, support for an Xbox 360 controller, and more.

Right now, Boss Baddie is considering ports for Really Big Sky to iOS and XBLIG -- and is also in talks with a publisher to release the shoot'em up to a fourth secret platform. You can buy Really Big Sky or download a free demo right now.