Though Q-Games already has three new games on the way -- PixelJunk SideScroller, Pixeljunk Lifelike, and Star Fox 64 3D (which hit Japan this week) -- the Kyoto-based developer has at least one other title in the works, which it showed a preview of yesterday.

The company's president Dylan Cuthbert shared the above screenshot (Google profile registration required) for a project that wil be revealed at next week's Casual Connect during Q-Games' talk with Jesse Venbrux. It certainly has the vibrancy of the studio's PixelJunk games but still looks very different!

In my opinion, it looks like some kind of sim with resource management, battles, and rainbows. There's speculation that it's for Facebook, a platform Q-Games hasn't really explored, but it could just as easily be for PSN or iOS or whatever.

Either way, I look forward to hearing more about PixelJunk RainbowVille, or whatever this will be called.