Man In Blue Sweatshirt has released a fun little dungeon crawler called Protect Protector, in which you take on "the role of a surprisingly bald little warrior, and fight to protect your friends and restore the balance of light and dark."

The controls are simple enough -- move with the directional arrows, activate your bubble/shield to deflect attacks with C, and equip items/weapons in the Z-X-A-S slots. That easily mastered, you dive into a series of randomly generated dungeons.

As you go deeper and deeper into the caves, you'll fight wizards and green slimes, come across journals, and earn credits that you can spend on fancy hats or your bald head. It a simple but addictive experience, one that had me often saying "just one more run".

Surprisingly, Man In Blue Shirt wasn't able to find a sposor for this Flash game, but he didn't let that stop him from releasing it for free online. If you like it, don't forget that you can donate a few bucks to thank him for spending 8 months working on Protect Protector!