Prope, the studio that Yuji Naka established after leaving Sega, and whose output is not surprisingly in the vein of his Sonic Team body of work (both Ivy the Kiwi and Let's Tap featured colorful, mascot and platform-centric gameplay, though more the former than the latter admittedly), has a new iOS game out. Other than having blue skies, an association that Naka and his crew helped to imbue Sega's offerings with, it's about as different as Sonic or NiGHTS as one can get.

This new title, Prope Discovery is somewhat of a hidden object game that has some degree of moment. It's been compared with Infinity Blade, due to its visual polish, which is not surprising, given that it's also built upon Epic's Unreal Engine. Though it's perhaps closer to the interactive demo that came before, Epic Citadel.

[via Joystiq]