The full name is PING! Augmented Pixel and is the latest project by the self-professed "inventor of useless things", Niklas Roy. Instead of trying to explain it myself, I'll just quote the artist:

"'PING! - Augmented Pixel' is a seventies style videogame, that adds a layer of digital information and oldschool aesthetics to a video signal: A classic rectangular video game ball moves across a video image. Whenever the ball hits something dark, it bounces off. The game itself has no rules and no goal. Like GTA, it provides a free environment in which anything is possible. And like Sony's Eyetoy, it uses a video camera as game controller."

It's worth noting how there's no computer processing the video and displaying the game; PING utilizes a hardware box that he put together himself. Roy also claims that it could have easily been created back in the seventies, since much of the underlining technology existed back then, though it would have also been cost-prohibitive ultimately. Roy also created a version of Pong that used facial recognition software to move the paddles around via the position of the players' heads (seen after the cut)...

[via Today And Tomorrow]