Only a few months have passed since rumors of World Joyland, the planned Chinese amusement park themed after Blizzard's World of Warcraft and StarCraft games, began popping up, but it looks like the venue has opened just in time or summer.

Located in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, the park reportedly costed  $30 million to build, and spans 600,000 square meters -- it has seven sections in all, including two "Blizard" areas and five tracts dedicated to games like Island of Mystery and World of Legend (a WoW clone!)

The thing is, the park didn't actually license Blizzard's properties, and instead features characters and elements from "Terrain of Magic" and "Universe of Starship". As you can see from these photos posted by Shanghaiist, though, they aren't fooling anybody. 

Shanghaiist says that that along with rides, statues, and cosplaying workers themed after Blizzard's games, the park has gaming and tech R&D facilities like the National E-Sports Competition Center, Anime-and-Game Technology and Derivatives R&D Park, and more.

You can see dozens of photos, and read about World Joyland's rides and more here.