With the world still reeling from the recent launch of Codemasters' sometimes-cute, sometimes-nightmarish Dreamworld Pogie, yet another previously unreleased game for the Nintendo Entertainment System has surfaced as a playable prototype.

Developed by "Source the Software House," Arcadia VI is an unfinished six-in-one compilation that was available for preorder in 1991. The game presumably failed to find a publisher, and was never completed. Arcadia VI otherwise remained shrouded in mystery until a prototype cartridge surfaced in 2003.

Purchased from a collector for the tender sum of $1,500, the world's only known copy of Arcadia VI was distributed by NintendoAge members BeaglePuss and MrMark0673 as part of the site's "Summer of Protos" event, which is set to conclude with the unveiling of NES flight sim Chuck Yeager's Fighter Combat.

I captured some footage of Arcadia VI above. Spoiler: despite the title, it only includes four games. Bonus spoiler: three of those games are little more than playable alphas. Still, it's a great find, and an interesting footnote in 8-bit history.