Axel Pfaender, the talented German illustrator we've spotlighted in the past for his cheerful Katamari and controller artwork, is selling a new print that is all about portables -- which, if you know me, is what I am all about  -- called "Love for Handhelds".

The cuteness of the anthropomorphised handhelds is reason enough to buy this, but I also love the interactions between each of the consoles, like the GBA SP's look of disdain at predecessor, and the original GBA model's anxious expression.

Sony's PSP-Go is happy just to be included in this lineup, but notice the cynical look of the older PSP model, clearly aware that it's soon to be replaced by the Vita. I'm not sure why the Game & Watch's display is broken; perhaps the Game Boy smacked it with a cartridge?

The Game Gear, of course, has run out of battery and is taking a nap. And at the bottom right, the iPhone is like, "Seriousy, you guys are still around? You know that I'm killing off dedicated gaming handhelds, right?" Too cool for school, that iPhone.

You can purchase the print in various sizes (8"x10" to 28"x38"), along with Pfaender's other awesome works, at the artist's Society 6 online shop.

[Via Gamefreaks]