Though Andy Schatz's 2010 Independent Games Festival award winner (Grand Prize, Excellence In Design) Monaco still hasn't released for XNA platforms like Xbox 360 and Windows, ports for the highly anticipated multiplayer heist game are already in the works.

Schatz revealed that co-developer Empty Clip Studios completed its first pass for a full re-write of the game to its cross-platform engine. He didn't reveal what other specific platforms the title will release on, but he said "at the very least it means that Monaco will be on Mac."

"[T]he game now runs on PC/Mac, and all modern consoles and handhelds (and could even be ported to iOS with some changes)," says Schatz. "This doesn't imply that the game WILL be on all these platforms, just that it could be." DS/3DS and PSP/Vita ports, please!

And while no one on any platform can play Monaco yet, you can always wear it! If you'd like to support the game's development, you can pay $8 for a shirt, a shirt and collectable button for $19, and a shirt and four collectible buttons for $94 (plus $6 on all options for shipping).