News flash, if you almost overlooked it like I did: MLB Bobblehead Pros, a baseball title released this week for Xbox Live Arcade, is actually a relative of Konami's long-running Power Pros series, and is worth a look for fans of genre classics like RBI Baseball and Bases Loaded.

Make no mistake, this isn't just another throwaway downloadable release like, say, MLB Stickball or 3 on 3 NHL Arcade. Power Pros has a pedigree stretching back to 1994, and the series has seen dozens of releases across multiple platforms in the years since...most of which never left Japan, unfortunately.

I'm not really into sports games to begin with, and the arcadey baseball games that I enjoy were phased out in recent years in favor of more realistic fare, so Bobblehead Pros is something special. This particular release has its problems -- it's difficult, the player radar is too small, and the constant head bobbling is a little disconcerting -- but if you're a fan of arcade-styled baseball, you're not going to get anything approaching this kind of experience with the current crop of console baseball sims.

Konami plans to support Bobblehead Pros with the upcoming release of the MLB Bobblehead Stars DLC pack, followed by the "batting battle" expansion MLB Bobblehead Battle later this year.