A lost sequel to Atari's arcade hit Missile Command will be unveiled at next year's California Extreme arcade expo, where it will be publicly playable for the first time in nearly 30 years.

Prototyped and focus tested in 1982, Missile Command 2 featured a unique head-to-head cocktail setup emphasizing competition between two players. Collector Joe Magiera describes the setup:

"In the early '80s there was a test prototype of a 2-ended MISSILE COMMAND, in a cabinet like an elevated cocktail game you would stand at each end of. The screen was oriented longwise, the planes & satellites came out from the middle, and enemy fire was sent down in both directions to cities at each end of the screen.

You had to concentrate on your own cities first, of course, but if you killed the current wave and had rockets left, you could help the other player by launching against enemy fire threatening *his* cities!"

Arcade Heroes notes that players in 1982 found Missile Command 2 to be too easy, and the game was never officially produced. California Extreme attendees will be able to try the game for themselves next year in July.