First off, Metroid Database recently wrapped up a month-long initiative to translate all the notes found in Metroid: Other M's gallery pieces. There's a mountain of insight and random tidbits to be found, including supplementary back-story, explanations of visual elements that one hardly noticed more than likely, assorted ideas that didn't make the final cut, and cute little Samus doodles. My favorite morsel of information would have to be the mating rituals for the Wavers! Everything can be checked out here.

Next, we mentioned last week that GlitterBerri's efforts to translate the Shadow of the Colossus guidebook was on-going, so one should definitely keep an eye on her progress. And those that have might know already of perhaps the greatest revelation of them all: the ending of the game, as explained by Fumito Ueda. Though mostly it's the creator of the game going over various ideas that were not used, including the idea of an alternate ending if the player had save data from Ico on the same memory card.

There's also another look at the discarded Colossi, but in action. Even more so than the pencil sketches, it's painful to see them actually realized, since all look so amazing (and tons of fun to take down). A few have made the rounds over the years, but this is the first time they've been presented together, along with commentary from Ueda once again.



[via Metroid Database & GlitterBerri]