iOS gets all the attention here in the United States, plus other parts of the world. But handsets running Java are still widespread throughout Japan, and game makers on that end know this. Like Capcom for example, who has produced a brand new puzzle game starring Mega Man of all people and things.

Rockman the Puzzle Battle has the player facing off against the six bosses from Mega Man's very first outing. But instead of running and jumping, the primary mode of action is swapping jewels, in a manner that's reminiscent to Puzzle Quest and like titles. Defeating an adversary will imbue the player with his abilities, as one might expect, which in this game's case are board changing effects. There are various other staples from the series as well, everything from E-Tanks to the Yellow Devil.

The art style is worth noting; very similar to the sprites found in the original games, but rounded out and softened. It's an interesting middle ground between the look established on the NES and the PSP revamp, Powered Up, just not nearly as dramatic. Which is either a plus or minus, depending on your opinion of Capcom's failed experiment. After the cut is some not so great looking footage of Rockman the Puzzle Battle in action, yet the excellent remixed soundtrack still shines through (and which can be downloaded via its source):

[via The Mega Man Network]