Mega Man Legends 3's recent cancellation still stings, but longtime Mega Man fans have learned to expect disappointment on a regular basis. This week, 3DO Zero forum bitrate uploaded a number of magazine previews and advertisements promoting the unreleased Mega Man X3 for Panasonic's 3DO console.

Originally released for the Super NES, Mega Man X3 saw the addition of animated cutscenes and remixed music in the transition from cartridge to CD-ROM. While the PlayStation and Sega Saturn versions were later released in Japan and Europe, the 3DO edition was never released anywhere in the world.

Mega Man cancellations continued for years afterward. Hit the break below for more.

Mega Man Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X were supposed to be the first entries in a series of PSP Mega Man remakes. As a result, the console Mega Man X Collection suffered several delays so that Capcom could remove a number of bonus extras (the logic being that the new content would be better suited to the PSP remakes), and the Xbox version of the compilation was cancelled soon after. Sequels to the PSP games never materialized.

Tracing the cancellations back further, Mega Man Mania, a Game Boy Advance title collecting the monochrome Game Boy Mega Man games, was also delayed into oblivion, and the PS1 kart racer Mega Man Battle & Chase was never released stateside until the launch of Mega Man X Collection years later.

In other words, Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3 are just the latest in a string Mega Man cancellations. Does this make it any easier to accept the franchise's recent losses? Well...not when Capcom is rubbing it in like it is.

[via GDRI]