NanaOn-Sha Masaya Matsuura, renowned for his work in designing beloved music games like PaRappa the Rapper and UmJammer Lammy, will appear at Australia's Sydney Opera House on August 20 for a special event sure to draw his down under fans.

At the show, titled "Masaya Matsuura: Play, Sound, and Vision", the artist will play live music and show off some of NanaOn-Sha's latest work -- perhaps he'll cover iOS charity release WINtA, the Kinect-enabled Haunt, and, if we're lucky, unannounced projects.

Pachinko Pictures' creative director David Surman will also interview Matsuura at the event and "explore some of the ideas behind his video games." You can purchase tickets for "Play, Sound, and Vision" at the Syndey Opera House site.

[Via Kotaku]