There are many words I can use to describe this modded Sega Game Gear. Glorious. Imposing. Hefty. The "Handy Gear" project, created by lovablechevy, beefs up Sega's classic portable console with a vastly improved backlit display and other impressive features like internal rechargeable batteries, stereo sound, and dual compatibility with Game Gear and Sega Master System cartridges.

The five-inch screen, the same kind of LCD display used in the PSone's portable gaming kit, is clear enough to be visible in this example video, which is more than can be said of the Game Gear's standard 3.2-inch display. Unfortunately, most Game Gear games are hard-coded to display at a standard resolution, causing a border to surround the action on the Handy Gear. Master System carts display full-screen, however, and suffer none of the blurriness of the Game Gear's standard screen.

My old Game Gear gave up the ghost after one too many sessions of Dragon Crystal, so it's great to see the system getting some love. Also worth a look: lovablechevy's HandyDuo, which portablizes the NES and SNES.

[via Engadget]