The latest from Sude 51 and his gang was just revealed: Lollipop Chainsaw, a PS3/Xbox 360 title that, going by the description alone, sounds very much like... a Suda 51 game.

You assume the role of Juliet Sterling, who hails from a long line of zombie hunters, and is forced to put those family traits to the test when the undead show up at her high school. Where she happens to be a cheerleader, by the way. Juliet's weapon of choice is, big surprise, the chainsaw (it has yet to be revealed if it's the result of the zombie infestation or something she's always had an affinity for), and she also mixes jumps and kicks, the kinds that cheerleaders are known for, into her offensive repertoire. Final important detail: pink is her favorite color. Suda has also gone on record as stating that the game will present zombies in a "pop" style that has been unseen thus far.

That's about it as far as information goes thus far. Which means we have yet to determine what the deal is with the disembodied head that's hanging by her side, attached to her belt (a better look is available after the cut). To be honest, it feels more like a spiritual successor to No More Heroes than anything else, given it's vaguely Californian feel (Juliet's school is is located in some undefiled West Coast part of the States). Also, given the Wii's affinity for cheerleading simulations, swinging the Wiimote around to slash zombies & perform a rousing cheer makes the most sense. At least that's possible on the PS3, via the PlayStation Move, as well.


[via Andriasang]