Level-5's offerings have always been diverse, but there's usually been one consistent element: wholesomeness. Even it's upcoming take on Gundam AGE is sporting an all-ages feel (much to the chagrin of some longtime fans of the franchise). Though Girls RPG: Cinderella Life, despite its target audience and recent makeover, is a hostess game down to its very core (which is why it will likely never leave Japan).

It's actually based upon Kyaba Jo Pi, another Level-5 game from about two years ago and for cell phones, its most successful to date for that platform. Instead of being a guy trying to get the girl whose job is to pretend to like you actually do like most similar titles, Kyaba Jo Pi had you assuming the role of the object of affection instead. A 3DS port was previously announced, but the revamp is something new. Instead of working in a bar, the setting is now a fantastical castle, though the job's largely the same: comforting and entertaining a wide assortment of upscale clientele: heads of company and state, celebrities, and the like.

There's also a rural village that you get to explore during time off, to buy fancy accessories, plus nice restaurants to eat at. Perhaps to entertain dudes who have taken a fancy to you or simply to chill with fellow ladies? Girls RPG is being targeted towards the female market, and the core staff is all women as well. After the cut is a trailer for the aforementioned 3DS port when it was still sporting its original threads; I hope one of the originally announced celebs (Lupin the 3rd!) will stick around after the revamp.

[via Andriasang]