Released just this morning on the American iTunes Store (it's been out in Japan since yesterday) is SNK Playmore's iPhone/iPod Touch version KOF, titled The King Of Fighters-i 0002. Those hoping for a port of KOF 98: Dream Match Never Ends might be disappointed to hear that it's based more upon the upcoming KOF XIII, at least on a visual level.

Otherwise, it's what everyone has come to expect from the franchise: 3 on 3 team battles, along with 1 on 1 single bouts, a survival mode, plus training mode. There's even a mode in which one can collect cards that be traded among other players to get the entire collection. But what's sure to be the biggest selling point for most KOF diehards is the return of Billy Kane, who hasn't been seen since KOF 2003 (though he was recently announced as making a proper return in the upcoming home version of XIII).

Reviews thus far have been on the positive side; most have commented that, despite the arcade modes being on the short side, the visuals are stunning and controls are spot-on, which is the most important part of any KOF experience. A few have also echoed the sentiment that it surpasses the Street Fighter 4 iOS ports and how glad they are that SNK stuck to 2D once again. Best of all, SNK seems to have redeemed themselves after the abysmal Metal Slug iOS port. To nab your copy, simply hit this link.