Debuted in 1992, the Watara/Quickshot SuperVision was a monochrome, Game Boy-style handheld out of Taiwan. It actually made it outside of the country and appeared in Argentina and the U.K. The Supervision had a decent catalog with several dozen games, and even one RPG, Journey to the West.

That RPG, presumably based on the classic Chinese novel of the same name, though, is pretty rare, and it looks like only one copy has popped up on English auction sites in recent years. Sergio Ruffino managed to snag that copy, and posted this gameplay video of Journey to the West!

Now, the gameplay, which resembles The Legend of Zelda 2's side-scrolling portions (previously released screenshots indicate there are overhead portions), isn't terribly exciting, but it is neat to see video for such a rare game recorded and finally uploaded nearly 20 years after its release.

It's the only Supervison game sized at 512KB (other titles are 64KB or smaller), and it only works on the colorful Magnum version of the console. Needless to say, you'd have to shell out a lot of cash to play this, and it's doubtful you'd progress that far considering the text is mostly Chinese.