It's a good thing whenever an individual is acknowledged and honored by those working in the same space, but it's even better when the rest of the world gets to learn why such and such is so special. As is the case with Elle magazine's recent expose on celebrated game designer, researcher, and advocate, Jane McGonigal.

Her background should be familiar to most GameSetWatch followers, but it's perhaps the very first taste of Jane for many Elle readers. The long list of accomplishments and philosophies that govern Jane's work, along with all the watershed moments of her personal life, are detailed. Including the concussion she suffered two years ago, plus how Jane was able to fight the resulting depression by treating her recovery as if it was a game (with a little help from Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Given who she is and what she does, Jane's story is one that absolutely deserves to be told to Elle's audience, especially since a few might be in the same shoes as Jane once wore, as in feeling a bit unsure with what to do with one's self. The four-page article can be read here.