IntroComp, the annual interactive fiction competition organized by Jacqueline Lott (The Fire Tower), announced its winners today, selecting Heather Albano's humorous zombie survival game Choice of Zombies as the first-place winner, which you can play for free in your web browser right here.

Diane Christoforo and Thomas Mack's Speculative Fiction took second place (you'll need a Z-Machine interpreter to load this one), and Danielle Goudeau's Choice of the Petal Throne placed third. The ten honorable mentions and links to download all the IntroComp entries are posted here.

Now, many of the games, including the three winners, are not complete titles and just "intros" to a possible bigger interactive fiction release. You may see some eventually finished, though, as IntroComp offers a cash incentive to the winners who complete their game. They're still worth checking out!