Organizers for Indie Games Summer Uprising, the seasonal campaign for promoting and releasing standout Xbox Live Indie titles, have revamped the event's site and shared its plans for how this will all go down.

Immediately after Microsoft's own Summer of Arcade event for XBLA winds down, Summer Uprising will begin releasing eight developer-voted titles and 2 community-voted titles from August 22-31, putting out one game each day.

Summer Uprising has received more than 70 titles for inclusion, and developers are currently voting for the eight games that they feel "best represent the platform" -- voting ends July 18, and the winners will likely be announced shortly atterward.

From August 1-15, everyone else will be able to vote on the two additional titles they want to play at Summer Uprising's Facebook page. The winners selected by the community will be shared on August 16 via a Summer Uprising Developer Twitter Chat.

You can see all the entries here, and preview several of them in the video above (SpeedRunner at 00:43 and T.E.C. 3001 at 00:15 look particularly fun).