icongames.pngIt's incredibly rare to hear from the side of developers creating games for Nintendo's WiiWare and Sony's PSP Minis service, which is why it's such a bit of fresh air that Icon Games have decided to discuss their experience on both platforms.

Richard, head of development at Icon, has written two entries about their experiences creating games like Stunt Cars, Arcade Darts, and Soccer Bashi. Both are a great read, delving into the good and bad sides for both platforms.

From both they really enjoyed developing for the PSP Minis, citing that Sony Europe in particular are very helpful and are very willing to help promote new PSP Minis titles, while WiiWare was nothing but heartbreak and frustration. They've had some successes, but also failures -- Soccer Bashi in particular tanked tremendously on both platforms.

Dart games and bat-and-ball "classics" might not be my bag, but I'm fascinated by the development environment behind these kinds of titles. Very much worth the read.

Icon Games - WiiWare Development - Post Mortem

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