My wife and I love watching Hoarders (and Intervention, of course), the A&E series about people trying to overcome their compulsive hoarding and clean up their extremely cluttered homes, just for that "Holy crap, that's crazy; thank god that's not us" feeling you get from these programs.

And some of the items the featured people hoard are just demented, like rats, creepy dolls, and lots and lots of trash. This week's episode of Hoarders isn't as disturbing as some, but it features a topic that's relevant to what we cover here: pinball machines, arcade cabinets, and other amusement machines.

Many would argue that Randy 'Mr. Fascination' Senna is simply a collector, but it looks like his collection has gotten out of hand. From the episode synopsis:

"Randy's boardwalk memorabilia collection fills a 20,000 square foot building and numerous tractor trailers. Room after room of pinball machines, signs, games, toys, tickets, and hundreds of mannequins modeled after Randy himself. He's spent millions on his fantasy world known as Randyland -- but it's never been open to the public. Now he must figure out how to make money from his hoard or go broke and lose everything."

You can watch the full episode with Randy (and another hoarder named Vicky) here. And after that, you mgiht want to check out this trailer for a documentary someone is making about Randy and his struggles with the arcade museum.

[Via Arcade Heroes]