Over the last month, Game Informer's staff has been lavishing attention on a game very near and dear to me -- Artdink's Tail of the Sun, a PlayStation-era oddity that looks awful, controls worse, and yet is one of the most compelling and hilarious games I've ever played.

Initially booted up as a joke at the end of a Replay feature for the less-obscure Wild 9, Tail of the Sun worked its charms on associate editor Dan Ryckert, who soon fell in love. The game is currently the subject of an extended Super Replay session that now spans six parts and more than 340 minutes of footage. As the group prepares to wrap up its playthrough this week, fan support has swelled, resulting in a t-shirt design contest and even a Tail of the Sun-themed chocolate cake.

I wrote up my own tribute to Tail of the Sun so long ago that those words no longer feel like my own, so I'm glad to see the game finally earning the attention it deserves. I'll be eagerly waiting for the conclusion to Game Informer's playthrough, secretly hoping (in vain, probably) that they'll cover No One Can Stop Mr. Domino next.

[thanks, Marz!]