For those who haven't heard the news, the creator of Mega Man is set to make a guest appearance in Idea Factory/Compile Heart's PS3 game Neptunia Mk2. Instead of being a character in part two of the JRPG that illustrates the consoles wars as a battle between a gaggle of goddesses, he is instead represented as a special summon.

Inafune has the potential to lead players to victory via two methods: first as a sword, seen above, or by unleashing a beam that comes from his mouth. The latter is actually based upon a meme that was all the rage on Japanese message boards a while ago, inspired by a clip of him berating a former coworker at Capcom. Fast forward to the 56-second mark here to watch him lament, "What kind of decision was this? Are you trying to throw away money?"

Most recently, footage of the summon has surfaced online, but the quality is rather poor (though see for yourself anyway after the cut). Hopefully a better look will surface once the game hits Japan next month. Furthermore, it's also been disclosed that the game will feature yet another representative from the real world; Cave-chan is both a cute little girl and shooter from the Leanbbox (an obvious Xbox 360 reference) Special Forces. Makoto Asada, development head at Cave, noted that he knew about the character was expecting a macho character, not something cute. One can only assume that sentiment was tongue in cheek.

[Via Andriasang]