Fans of Western-themed laserdisc arcade games (there are actually quite a few of them!) have an old favorite to look forward to on the PlayStation Network. An upgraded version of American Laser Games' Fast Draw Showdown will debut this week with PlayStation Move support.

Fast Draw Showdown challenges players to outdraw and outshoot a gaggle of full-motion video actors in a series of one-on-one duels. Succeed, and you're rewarded with an overwrought death scene. Fail, and you'll be taunted by a guy dressed like a cowboy.

The PS3 edition, launching July 19th for $9.99, boasts remastered video, unlockable PlayStation Home rewards, and an online multiplayer mode. More importantly, this release brings us one step closer to a PS3 Mad Dog McCree compilation. Anyone else excited at the possibility of Who Shot Johnny Rock in 720p? No? Well, I'm excited.