Seattle-based developer Scott Brodie, who put out experimental game The Beggar back in 2009, revealed in a recent interview with Seattle Indies that he has a new title that he's been working on for the past eight months called Hero Generations.

Brodie says it's a "marriage of turn-based strategy, 'artgame', and classic adventure." At first it sounds like a condensed RPG like Marvelous Entertainment's Half-Minute Hero, with a bit of Jason Rohrer's Passage, but there's a curious generational twist:

"You play as a hero that lives out an entire lifespan over the course of 5 minutes. Your goal is to explore a series of little worlds and build a reputation before your hero dies. In parallel, you also need to be on the look out for a mate you can start a family with.

If you attract a mate and have a child, you continue on as that child, with the actions of your past hero shaping what type of life that child can lead. Much of the fun in the game comes from the tension created by love and achievement pulling you in opposite directions."

The game is meant to offer simple controls, deep strategy, and procedurally generated characters and worlds, as well as "a truth or two to ponder about the human condition. Brodie intends to relese the game through Facebook.